Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's seriously November already?

Wow, October flew by. So, here in New England we had a freak snowstorm on 10/29, which put a serious damper on our Halloween party. Though many weren't able to make it, we had a great time anyway with those who did. Here are a few Halloween photos, before I put my phone down and never picked it back up (oops):

Ok, a little cheating with the last picture.. I didn't get a single picture of Ian & I dressed up this year (we went as Madmen characters.) So, this is my favorite costume we've done so far - Magenta & Riff Raff from Rocky Horror.

I wish I thought to take photos of the costumes! We had Mario & Luigi, an awesome robot, a pirate, and Ricky from Trailer Park Boys among the best.

Today, we went to a (pretty disappointing) Harvest Festival & Narrow Lane Orchard for apple picking.

 Cant't wait to do some baking with our fresh picked apples!! PS - Don't tell Narrow Lane about Ian's "taste testing" above ;)

-Kristin Lynn

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