Wednesday, November 25, 2009

First post

I'm Kristin, 21 years old. English major taking a break from classes to work as a office temp (glamourous AND thrilling!). I contribute to a local New England music magazine called The Deli:

I'm starting this as a way to get myself writing a little more. I plan on covering a few different topics- fashion, music, recipes, decorating, and entertainment.. all interests of mine.

I live in the city with my boyfriend and sister/bff. We don't have a ton of money to go around, but we have a lot of fun! These are our kitty babies:

June, 5 months

Cash, 8 months

Most of what I cover will be attainable and affordable for the average schmuck like myself, though I can't promise I won't occasionally drool over some ridiculously priced high-end junk. I plan on getting started on an actual post before the end of the weekend - check back soon for updates! :)

-Kristin Lynn