Monday, December 28, 2009

New Years!


I hope everyone had a happy and safe Christmas! Now that the craziness is over a little, the next thing to gear up for is New Year's Eve. I really love New Year's Eve, it's so fun to get dressed up and drink with friends, and everyone is so happy and hopeful about the year to come. Not to mention any holiday I get to drink mass amounts of champagne is great in my book! Since everybody's wallet might be feeling the pain of Christmas shopping, I've put together a few different party looks for cheap:

I see both these outfits looking amazing with berry lipstick, cat eye makeup and soft curls.

These looks are a little more adventurous, so I would keep hair and makeup a little subdued with wavy hair and smokey eyes.

I love both of these because they could be accessorized so differently. I would do an easy up-do or sleek straightened hair, and a bold statement necklace or red lips.

I'm planning a joint party for New Year's with friends, so later in the week I'll be updating with a few recipes and cocktail ideas. I received some neat kitchen gadgets for Christmas, I can't wait to try them all out!

-Kristin Lynn

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Guide


The holidays are coming up quickly (24 shopping days left)! A lot of us (myself included) have gotten off to a slow start, and maybe have not even started shopping at all. For the sake of getting motivated, I put together a little holiday gift guide as a little bit of inspiration to get myself in the spirit of gift giving.

Guy's Gift Guide: $30 and under

1. TypeTees T-shirts
TypeTees has a great selection of quirky and stylish t-shirts. They have a great holiday sale going on right now, so all tees are $10-$12. Pictured above is the "When you think about it, all galaxies are far, far away" designed by Debbie Vega and "Zombies only want you for your brain" designed by Julian Callos.
$10 -$12,

2. Bloody Evidence Chef's Knive
Fun addition to the kitchen of any guy into horror flicks or anything else sticky and messy. $14.99,

3. Umbrella Umbrella
Zombie movie fans and gamers won't mind bringing this umbrella along on rainy days. As the website says, it can also be used to fend off zombies during an attack.

4. Whiskey Stones
Thinkgeek really is a great place for unique and budget-conscious gifts for the guys. These whiskey stones stay cold much longer than ice and never dilute your drink.

5. Mr. Beer Kit
Everything you need to brew several bottles of beer in as little as 14 days (just add water!).

6. The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks - Under $10
A graphic novel of the recorded zombie attacks from the dawn of time by author Max Brooks.

Girl's Gift Guide: $40 and under

1. Mirror, Mirror Jewelry Box
Art deco-inspired etching makes this jewelry box an attractive way to keep all your pretty little things.

2. Flowers in a Can
A cute way to give the gift of growing flowers to a friend who doesn't have a lot of space to work with (I know I would love this for my little apartment!) Four choices including dahlias, geraniums, impatiens or pansies.
$11 per can,

3. Chevron Mesh Tights - Under $10
Would look great with a dress and boots, or layered over opaque colored tights, if you're so daring.

4. Roll-On Perfume
A travel-sized roll-on of a friend's favorite perfume is a sweet idea for an on-the-go friend. Pictured is Marc Jacob's Daisy.
$20 - $25,

5. Lush Emotibombs - Under $10
Dropping one of these in your shower makes your bathroom fill up with mood-affecting fragrance. Pictured is Lush's "Too Drunk" emotibomb, potentially much need for post-holiday partying recovery.
$3.95 for one,

6. Gauzy Cheetah Scarf - Under $10
Available in purple or pink, this scarf is a stylish way to add a little color to your outfit.

7. Philosophy - The Recipe Box
These sweet-smelling shower gels are a moisturizing treat for your skin. A recipe book is included with Philosophy's favorite recipes (including yummy Red Velvet cake).

8. The Fashion book, mini edition - Under $10
This book has been called the "fashion bible" by Vogue. The Fashion Book is filled with inspiring images and an A-Z guide of influential people in the industry and comes in a cute pocket-size version.

Also, check out my review of friend's band Attention Avoid at The Deli:

Be sure to kick back and enjoy the holidays with a little Christmas music, peppermint schnapp-spiked hot chocolate, and good friends. Happy shopping!

-Kristin Lynn