Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Few Things

Here are a few things this week making me happy:

Classic Lasagna via Annie's Eats (From Pinterest)

-Staying in and making a home cooked meal with my fiance

-A closet full of dresses, most thrifted for under $10. Can't go wrong there.

Red Velvet Brownies, recipe via Smells Like Home

-Sister shopping date where after these delicious brownies and baked and quickly consumed

-New bar set up for entertaining, all pieces thrifted (except the booze ;)) Ian makes a mean Old Fashioned.

Looking over these photos makes me want to take a trip down to my favorite Saver's. However as we are in the middle of Irene I think that will have to wait... Hope everyone is staying safe out there!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

This is one of the negatives to owning cats who don't always get along. I woke up this morning to this cute turquoise pot smashed on the floor. It used to sit on our dining room table & house a pretty plastic flower arrangement put together by my best friend.

On the bright side, this means I'm on the lookout for a new centerpiece. I sense a DIY coming on.

-Kristin Lynn

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mini Kitchen Makeover


Ian and I are in the middle of a mini kitchen makeover. When we moved in, the kitchen walls were painted a "pea soup" green, which made the small kitchen feel dark, cramped, and unappealing. We rent, so unfortunately we are a little limited to what we can do, beyond painting. I chose a light aqua blue (Olympic's "Blue Dusk") to color to brighten up the room:

We are in the middle of finishing up painting, hopefully we will have new curtains and decorations hung up by the end of the weekend. Until then, here are a few photos from Pinterest that served as inspiration for the color scheme:

More to follow!

-Kristin Lynn

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shop Ruche


Here are a few picks from Shop Ruche I am currently drooling over. Love the classic cuts and ladylike prints!

- Kristin Lynn

Bring the sunshine in!


I love, love, love the idea of an an indoor citrus tree. What a great way to bring some sunshine in, especially during the colder months. Plus, think of making cocktails for houseguests using limes or lemons picked right from your indoor garden. Mhmmmm. Here is some inspiration below from Pinterest:

Source: via Carly on Pinterest

-Kristin Lynn