Thursday, November 17, 2011

Decorating Dilemna

This is our current "dining area." Our living/dining room is very long and narrow, with that ledge going around the whole room. At one end of the room due to the boiler closet, the room is much narrower, creating the little "nook" you see above. It's really too narrow to do much with, and is very cramped when four people sit down to eat.

Right now on the opposite side of the room, we have our two couches up against the walls across from each other, and the TV set up at the end of the room.

To maximize space, we are thinking of ditching one couch and re-arranging the room to make three "zones" - for TV, dining table, and a bar section. The bar will go in the space pictured above.

I'm still debating how to set up this area - a vintage bar cart? Wooden wine bar with storage? Build our own?

Here's what I've been looking at for ideas:

Vintage Bar Cart

Shelving as a bar

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

Could put bar stools up to the ledge as the counter and put shelving up on the walls

Vintage dresser as bar - pretty!

Another bar made from shelving

What do you think? Do you have a bar in your home? I'd like to see pictures if so! :)

-Kristin Lynn

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