Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Fever


Spring has finally sprung, and a new season brings new clothes. Personally, I prefer fall & winter style wise, as I love to layer and general stick with nuetral colors with pops of bright colors. This spring, I'm going to try to branch out and incorporate much more color and pretty patterns into my style. Here are a few looks I'm liking for spring:

I really love this shade of blue, and the small studs on the shoes and purse add a little edge to an otherwise pretty girly outfit.

The gladiator sandals make the dress more casual and relaxed; this would be great for window shopping or an afternoon in the park. The bow earrings and bright pink nail polish is a sweet touch.

The flower detailing on the shirt adds interest and femininity to a basic but cute outfit.

I like this look a lot. It's appropriate for work, but also bright and fun.

Since the weather has been so nice, the man friend and I have putting more energy into little projects here and there. He has gotten into home brewing beer (right now, he's making a yummy honey pale ale) and I've been growing a little vegetable/flower garden in the little space we have. My favorite plant, my gardenia, is starting to bloom:

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather!

-Kristin Lynn

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